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New Creditas Landing Page Experience

Full work at

Redesigning the landing pages became a priority when after extensive customers interviews

it was possible to identify that many customers didn't identify the products value proposition. Understanding what a loan with collateral works was a key point in order to improve conversion.

By a friendly and easy to use product, provide customers multiple loan products was a goal. Building since from the first quote experience to the management of customers' products. 

Delivering products trust by a design that clearly shares what we do and our products

value proposition.

The Design Process

Looked at conversion rate, CPC vs BUs goals at the time; 

Feedbacks from customer interviews; 

More than +1000 Hotjar sessions analyzed; 

Market research and benchmark;

Prototypes designed + brand new content; 

3 different hypothesis put in usability tests than later AB;

Launch and metrics follow up; 

Reduction in bounce rate and increase in new lead forms sent 

+ than 5 pages redesigned 

New Creditas

Lead Form Experience

New design system introduced and automatizations delivered making it easier to apply for a loan product. 

Allowing customers to access both app and web based experience.



Bario POS System

Bario was a POS System in the pre-Covid era, when bars and restaurants working to their fullest. 

As Lead Product Designer, along with the Product Manager, I had the opportunity to lead the development of the POS system for small and medium bars and restaurants in Brazil.

Supported by field researches and qualitative interviews and benchmarks, we were able to identify the need for restructuring its information architecture and main feature organizations.

Several new use cases were added to the product, supported by shadowing exercises and customer verbalizations, of what would deliver value to their daily activities. Such as a features that would make it easier to manage their inventory and to create weekend promotions to customers via POS.

Due to the pandemic impact the product was shut down in March 2020.

Other Works 


Design and Development of a Standard Interface Component to Highlight Automated AI Recommendations in the Conta Azul Software

Designed the automated suggestion tax feature, that had as goal to decrease the amount of time customers spent filling out an invoice and other questions frequently coming from that use case.

The solution became a case and with the collaboration with other stakeholders was present at the HCI International 2019.


Onboarding: helping new clients to use Conta Azul’s platform.

Complete design process on designing the onboarding solution 

for Conta Azul's Platform and its impact on business.

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